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The Naturopathic Consultation Process

The Naturopathic Consultation process followed at Applied Chiropractic & Naturopathy has been structured in a specific way that we have found works best in helping you achieve your health goals. When consulting with your Naturopath at Applied Chiropractic and Naturopathy you can expect a thorough investigation that will involve you in the process of obtaining information that may be useful, formulating health goals, and working out a treatment plan that will be individualised to you.


The initial consultation with Gisela will be 45 minutes long. In this consultation you will discuss what you are hoping to achieve, get an extensive history, conduct some physical exams, refer you for additional testing if necessary, and send you home with a questionnaire as well as some data collecting forms that you will need to complete before your next consultation. If your visit was to address an acute situation, such as cold or flu, the consultation will be tailored towards addressing those symptoms, whilst paying attention to any imbalances that may have contributed to the development of your symptoms. If your visit was to address a chronic situation, the consultation will be tailored towards discovering the underlying imbalance, while giving you immediate treatment advice for you to implement. Your second consultation will typically be scheduled for 1 week later.


The second consultation with Gisela will be 30 minutes long. In this consultation you will discuss the data which you have collected, as well as the results of any tests that you were sent for. The treatment already implemented will be reviewed and adjusted if necessary, and a health plan with a timeline will be developed to address your health goals. You will prioritise your goals, and put time frames to the duration of your treatments. You will discuss any obstacles that you may face and how you can address these. You will be sent off with a clear picture of what you need to do. Your third consultation will typically be scheduled for 2 weeks later.


The third, and subsequent consultations, will be 20 minutes long. At these consultations your progress will be discussed, obstacles will be addressed, and cessation of treatments that have now fulfilled their purpose will be implemented, or changing the treatment methods will be implemented. Depending on the individual, subsequent consultations can be scheduled bi-monthly, monthly, tri-annually, or further apart. In individuals that would benefit by frequent follow-up consultations, such as weight loss programmes, packages can be tailored to make it cost effective and to improve compliance.