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General Information

At Applied Chiropractic our aim is to work with you in achieving your health goals. We recognise that you may have lots of questions for us, and we will gladly answer your questions during consultations, or refer you on to someone who will be able to assist you better. We have included some general information for you, which may already answer some of the more basic questions that you may have. Click on the links below to access general information such as our consultation fees, frequently asked questions, as well as our latest news.

Consultation Fees

Chiropractic fees are broken down according to the length of the consultation, and can be viewed here. Please note that any supplements or remedies that may be prescribed will be an additional cost. We do haveĀ HICAPS and Medicare facilities. It is best to check directly with your insurance provider whether they will be reimbursing you for the expenses.


What methods do we use? Why would you choose us? Find out what questions are frequently asked about Chiropractic Care, and what our responses are. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask us by sending us an e-mail.

Latest news

There are so many current health topics, and so many health related events happening. Melbourne has such a variety of healthy food stores, and health orientated activity. We would like to share our views on the current health topics, what exciting health stores there are for you to check out, and inform you of health events that are happening in and around Melbourne. We will also be keeping you updated about what is happening at Applied Chiropractic. If we are having talks, or running any programmes, you will find information about those here.